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Koki Company, Ltd. was established and began importing from England in addition to sales commencement of soldering equipment and sub-materials. In 1968 the company was reorganized as Koki Corporation.Development and sales of domestically manufactured Kokibrand automatic soldering equipment and sub-materials for flux began. Soldering technology was pursued from both the equipment and material aspects. Development, improvement, and technical support became possible from every angle allowing us to gain great trust from our clients. Koki established its name within the industry.


SMD curing oven and re-flow equipment were developed. Sales were not limited to our own brand, but included sales to foreign markets such as Europe and the US for several large domestic mounter makers and OEM contracts. The SMT production line of foreign makers of large electronics and computers was adopted.


With experience in equipment sales in the surface packaging technology field, development, production and sales of adhesives for SMD and cream soldering began. At that time, other companies were introducing cream solder that used solder powder from spheres, which caused problem in manufacturing. This was a huge influence on clients in improving production technology for surface packaging of a high density.


KOKI SANEI KOREA CO., LTD. was established as a joint venture in Korea. Production and sales of materials began. Based on trust and support from large companies in Korea, that market expanded and we took the initiative in advancing overseas factories. We currently have a large market share in the computer and cellular phone fields.


KOKI PHILIPPINES CORPORATION was established in the Philippines. Local production and sales of flux and solder paste began in competition with other makers. We obtained the trust of local clients through reliable products, rapid delivery response and technical support.


After taking over the technical department for sub-materials from Sanei Chemicals, production activities began. Summarization, development and production at the Koki / Higashi Matsuyama Factory commenced. A new organization that could quickly respond to client requests was constructed. We aim to make a jump in strengthening our ability to compete in the world market as the new powerful Koki.


In order to establish the Koki brand as a global enterprise, Koki Europe A/S was established in Denmark and in the suburb of Copenhagen in February 2001 as a local production and sales base for the European market. Koki Europe has begun the production of solder pastes since October 2001.


KOKI ELECTRONIC MATERIALS (SUZHOU) CO., LTD was established as the main factory of Chinese market. Solder pastes and fluxes production was started form August 2003. The factory was certified ISO9001 and 14000.


With increasing demand for larger production capacity, Higashimatsuyama factory was extended in April.


To further increase production volume and enhance logistics, KOKI KOREA facilities were moved to a new location in June. In the same month, KOKI PHILIPPINES was closed for managerial strategic purposes. Likewise, KOKI INDONESIA was closed in November.


KOKI ELECTRONIC MATERIALS (SUZHOU) CO., LTD was relocated for expansion in March.

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